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Annual General Meeting (Zoom)


7:00 p.m


December 15, 2020


Note - for the zoom link contact the

Archives at the email address above.

Tel.       (905)-562-4242

Email –

Hours – most Wednesdays: 9:00am-3:00pm

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Website –


F.LH Membership Fees


Single $15.00 per year


Family $25.00 per year



Fees Include access to F.L.H. Meetings,


and all other F.L.H.  events throughout the current year, at no cost.


Fees Payable Annually at F.L.H. Annual General Meeting in December.

The Town of Lincoln will be 50 Years Old on January 1st, 2020.

The Friends of LINCOLN’s HISTORY have partnered with the Town of Lincoln Staff to produce a 50th Anniversary Calendar illustrating the evolution of some of the Town’s Landmarks over the past 50 years. A Limited Edition Copy of these 2020 Calendars is available from the Friends of LINCOLN’s HISTORY for $10. You can purchase the Calendar at the FLH Archives (905-562-4242) Open Wednesdays, or by calling Pres. Ray Konkle (905-562-4858) or Vice President Bill Salter (289-214-1740).

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